Morgan IAT was founded in 1987 with a specific focus on Howard Clarke’s innovative design capabilities, with the company initially specialising in developing medical products. In the late 1980′s, in partnership with a GP, Morgan IAT conceived and launched its first lesion generator which was successfully sold into the National Health Service in 1989.

In the early 1990’s Morgan IAT went on to develop more advanced machines for the fledgling pain market. The treatment of pain has since become a very important part of any health system, with many hospitals and clinics throughout the world now having their own pain departments. The Neurotherm range of radiofrequency lesion generators for pain relief continue to be the company’s flagship range, which today commands over 60% of the world market and is manufactured in the UK at the Morgan IAT site in Hampshire.

Over the years Morgan IAT has worked with a number of universities & medical schools developing new ideas & concepts, including: Kings College, London; Southampton University; Edinburgh University and Imperial College, London. Partnering with medical distribution companies Morgan IAT has developed innovative products such as the Menostat for endometrial ablation, an alternative to the hysterectomy operation and a low cost Diathermy machine for the treatment of cervical cancer.

Morgan IAT has also collaborated with companies such as Schering Plough, 3M, Cyanamid and Coopers Blinds where large test machines for asthma inhaler production lines, asthma inhaler assembly machines and control systems for smoke curtain safety systems have been designed and developed.

Morgan IAT has also been involved in a number of product developments for a variety of non-medical industries, such as developing a Lighting Control System for large office blocks. Using telephones as light switches, it was regularly used throughout the 1990’s by companies such as Sainsbury’s and Cable & Wireless.

Today Morgan IAT has grown to be a cohesive and productive organisation, which is well equipped to handle the many challenges of business today. The family-run company is based at a modern factory facility in Petersfield, Hampshire and is still run by the original founders Sue and Howard Clarke.

The award winning company continues to work on projects at the cutting edge of innovation. One of Morgan IAT’s current projects is a multi-centre clinical trial on a patented concept to test for pre-eclampsia. This involves analysis of salivary uric acid, and is cheap, simple, and non-invasive. In a small pilot study of about 130 volunteers, this test showed higher accuracy and significantly earlier detection times, compared to current methods of indication.