Development ProcessAt Morgan IAT we know that getting an idea or product to market can be difficult, costly and that it is not always easy to obtain finance. We offer to carry out work free of charge in exchange for a share of a product’s potential. This may be in the form of a royalty, a share in the IP rights or a manufacturing agreement. Each idea or product is regarded as unique and each partnership is negotiated on that basis. This approach is a reflection of our passion for innovation and our desire to be an enabler in bringing ideas to market.

Morgan IAT will provide you with a professional, innovative service from project initiation all the way through to the product going to market. We use the Stage-Gate process to ensure all important factors such as market research, costs, client involvement, design and specification, product development and manufacture are taken into account.

Stage-Gate 1: Discovery

We receive an idea and initial concepts are discussed with our New Project Coordinators. Following this the initial feasibility of the project is informally reviewed at Director level.

Stage-Gate 2: Scope

An initial meeting with the client takes place to discuss the idea in more depth. The concept can be discussed under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure confidentiality. At this stage we can choose to commit to a time period for research. It is now that we can assess the risks & potential involved, such as: costs, timescales, and current/potential markets.

Stage-Gate 3: Contract

This is the point at which MIAT will present a proposal or a number of proposals for the client to consider. These will be based on the client’s requirements and MIAT pride ourselves on being flexible to all types of agreement. We will define a communications strategy to make sure the client feels involved at all points and provide a project plan. This is also where we agree on costs and commit to timescales.

Stage-Gate 4: Development

We begin the design phase which will generally lead to a prototype product being made, whilst putting in place a framework to ensure the product will meet all necessary approvals. We hold regular design specification meetings with the client to discuss the product’s progress, air any concerns and make any changes. This will normally be the longest stage.

Stage-Gate 5: Route to Market

We complete CE marking as required and any other approvals not already covered such as with the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). We may carry out product trials and reviews, and can investigate other exploitation avenues.

Stage-Gate 6: Launch

The culmination of a lot of hard work! If we have gone down the route of a manufacturing agreement then the product is moved from R&D to Production here at our Hampshire manufacturing facility. If there is no manufacturing agreement between the client and MIAT then the project ends here and we provide the client with, under terms of agreement, the technical file or relevant documentation to go forward with.

In the case of a project that has been internally generated here at MIAT then we may move to manufacture onsite, subcontracted manufacture or sell the product to a 3rd party.

Stage-Gate 7: Review

If we are manufacturing the product we continue with good levels of communication with the client and we carry out a periodic product review under terms of agreement. We discuss points such as the future of the product and any developments that could be done, which could lead us back to Stage-Gate 4 for the development of a new or improved product.