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From patent registration and design development to prototype production and full-scale manufacture, we can take care of every detail.

  • Need help bringing your design to life?

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Imagine having the time to concentrate on developing your next product, rather than stressing about the detail. Here at Morgan IAT our award-winning team of professionals love to work with brilliant new ideas and the companies behind them.



Decades of knowledge and experience, combined with a world-class manufacturing facility, means we can deliver exactly the help you and your team need to efficiently manage every stage of the development process, including:

i have an invention idea but no money


From our ongoing work with the team behind a revolutionary pain-relief system to the ground-breaking company at the forefront of immersive virtual gaming environments, Morgan IAT has a proven track record in helping small businesses bring new products to market.

medical design engineering


Design & Manufacture a product for pain therapy using RF.

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research & development

Resistivity Probe

An earth resistivity meter for undersea use to detect corrosion in pipelines.

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research development


Design & Manufacture a product to aid in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.

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Cooling Pads

Cooling pads

Develop a prototype that can cycle hot and cold temperatures.

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Contacting US Could be the Best Decision You Make

From idea evolution through to full manufacture, few companies can draw on such a wide range of resources or partners to assist with the design and development of your concept.

Our track record, in launching a series of world-beating medical tools and commercially successful products, has helped us develop a streamlined, cost-effective, beginning to end solution that makes Morgan IAT very different to traditional development partners.

With Morgan on Board You Can Spend More Time Doing What it is You Do Best – INNOVATING

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