The MIAT Prize 2019


MoreWater is a modular, multi-stage water purification system intended to provide a potable source of water easily tailored to the needs of different places. Originally conceived to serve the slum of Korail in Dhaka, Bangladesh, MoreWater makes use of a wide variety of readily available filter and water purification technologies in unique configurations to provide water to WHO standards. By using only the required modules, we minimise running costs and maximise product life while maintaining the ability to cater to many different water issues and places.

The modular design allows for quick and easy deployment to new target areas and those who need it most, with modules for each specific contaminant all while still locking together using screw fit mechanism. This also allows units to be easily repaired, replaced, upgraded with new technologies, or altered if conditions change.

MoreWater, finalist 2018

We believe that providing clean water should be done to the standards put forward by the World Health Organisation. While other purifiers provide water that can be consumed, they do not all meet the full safety requirements. This can create longterm health risks in those using these devices which they consider to be safe. In addition, while other designs can provide a solution for certain target markets, MoreWater can access previously inaccessible markets, helping where it had not been possible before.

We aim to provide a more flexible product for more markets while maintaining a low cost through efficient design. At our targeted price of less than £115 for our initial Korail filter, we will provide superior water quality and all in one water storage to those who need it most.

MoreWater, finalist 2018
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