The MIAT Prize 2019


844 million people, in 43 countries, currently lack access to clean drinking water, either due to lack of availability, uneven distribution or contamination. Yet, the atmosphere contains 140 quadrillion litres of water, meaning atmospheric extraction has the potential to revolutionise water access.

ThinAir have identified a solution to overcome these kinetic challenges associated with obtaining fresh drinking water from the air. ThinAir’s solution mimics the billions of years of evolution that resulted in the Fogstand beetle’s natural ability to condense water. This surface structure, applied to a scalable membrane, will be combined with a novel protein layer to accelerate water nucleation, even in the driest of environments.

ThinAir, finalist 2018

ThinAir’s proof of concept technology can generate water from the air 370% more efficiently than the control surface. This product will be supplied to farms and communities in arid environments, due to its cheap and efficient nature.

ThinAir, finalist 2018
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