A huge congratulations to our Founder and Research Director, Howard Clarke, for receiving his Fellowship for Services to Engineering at Bangor University on 16th July. After studying for his degree at Bangor almost 60 years ago, Howard was truly honoured to be presented with his Fellowship, and he had some great advice to offer from the lessons he’s learned in the last 57 years to help live a successful and happy life:

“From what I’ve seen in the last 57 years and the lessons I’ve learnt I’d like to take this opportunity to give a few clues and useful hints that may help you on your way into the wide world.

Specifically relating to those who have completed their degrees: keep in contact with the friends you made at university. Meet up with one another every once in a while, because the friends you make at university are very important and they will continue to serve you well in the future.

Whether you studied engineering or not, encourage others into engineering, especially girls, as there aren’t enough women in engineering. Morgan IAT has tried to involve itself with a number of projects to help promote engineering and STEM in the local area, particularly in schools, and this continues to be a vital part of our continuing successes in innovation and technology.

Some advice for the young people, whilst making sure to embrace technology, don’t forget to look up. Don’t keep looking down at your phone, there is a whole world out there, things are happening and the world is changing. Everyone is always so engrossed in their phones, but it means you miss the nature and world around you.

Similarly, don’t just rely on the internet, continue learning but through talking and reading with others. Follow the motto “see, do and teach”, pass on the knowledge you gain to others by looking ahead and trying to help guide others with what you believe will happen in the future. By getting involved in the community, whether it be the local council, chamber of commerce or charity, you can pass this information on even further.

Even though nowadays you will probably have many different jobs, make sure you are working in the job that you love and always remember that there is more to business than the bottom line – your best and biggest asset will always be your employees. And on that note, share your success with others – reward success and share your profits.

Don’t become a what if, make sure you jump at opportunities. If something comes up and looks exciting but perhaps a bit risky, don’t miss out, because you will always wonder what if.

Finally, try to be a good person and do things that will make life better for everyone. Here at Morgan IAT, Sue and I built the company with a strong focus on bringing benefit to people’s lives, in particular assisting in people’s well-being and quality of life, and this is something that remains at the core of the business and its success today.”


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Salurate test wins IET Innovation award for Healthcare Technologies

Morgan is delighted to announce that our Salurate salivary test for pre-eclampsia won in the Healthcare Technologies category at The 2015 IET Innovation Awards.
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