Morgan’s flagship radio frequency (RF) lesion generators for pain relief were initially conceived by the Company during 1987, working with a General Practitioner who had an interest in back pain. Initially working with Neurotherm Inc, who have since been taken over by St. Jude Medical, Morgan continues in its design, development and manufacturing role, including the NT2000 as its most advanced touch-screen model in the field.




In partnership with the Health Sciences at the University of Southampton, Morgan IAT is working on designing and building a prototype glove with haptic feedback capabilities, along with the ability to integrate with virtual reality products, for a more immersive environment.



pb-partnershipsMorgan IAT was approached by The Diabetic Boot Company to design and manufacture footwear to aid in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.





Morgan IAT is working with TrueInvivo, who have been developing an invivo micro silica detector array and automated reader with the aim of improving the accuracy and safety of radiotherapy treatment worldwide.




Morgan IAT is working with Observant Innovations, a panoramic imaging company, by manufacturing the Patrol, a vehicle-mounted 360-degree panoramic camera designed for police, emergency services, military and safety and security professionals.





In partnership with Thesis Technology Products Ltd, Morgan IAT is designing and developing the CombiPod Thermostation, a simple, safe and effective solution to providing hot and cold contrast therapy with the additional benefit of adjustable compression to the treatment area.



Kings College

In conjunction with King’s College London and the Guys and St. Thomas’ Foundation Trust, Morgan IAT is working on developing a small, unobtrusive and inexpensive anti-snoring device, that has improved obstructive sleep apnoea in a clinical study at St. Thomas’ Sleep Centre.  






Mobi Dx

After winning the 2017 Morgan IAT Prize, MIAT will be providing R&D support to Mobi Dx to develop iVisco, a smartphone disease detection device.





A finalist of the 2017 Morgan IAT Prize, MIAT is currently supporting Sam O’Connor, the inventor of the ‘Guppy’, a device which disturbs the surface of water to prevent mosquitos from laying their eggs, by creating a prototype and arranging for trials. The Guppy will have a significant impact in the third world by limiting the spread of diseases such as malaria.








Morgan IAT has signed a framework agreement with TUV SUD Product Service, making them our preferred supplier for environmental testing, EMC testing, device conformance consultancy and training. This further enhances our product offering to our clients.







Approached by a medical researcher, Morgan IAT is working with the NHS on a multicentre clinical trial of the Salurate test, to detect salivary uric acid levels as an indicator of pre-eclampsia, for improving the application of valuable care resources. 





Morgan IAT has been working with Edinburgh bioQuarter on a number of potential projects.







Morgan IAT developed the electronics for an ROV probe measuring and returning data on the resistivity and temperature of seabed sediments, allowing more informed decisions to be made for corrosion protection on seabed pipelines.



Morgan Partnerships

What our clients say about us

“As an Interim COO, representing a start-up medical device company, I have worked closely with the team at Morgan IAT during a period of significant business turbulence and change. The challenges have been diverse and frequent as we have moved through development, verification and validation and into clinical studies both in the EU and US.

As our business has evolved and developed, Morgan IAT have been ‘rock solid’ in their support, responsiveness and flexibility. Their business model and company structure has enabled them to meet every need and anticipate most, which together with their wide range of competencies, has provided the velocity a start-up business requires in a challenging economy.

My professional experience has ranged from global corporates to private equity funded SMEs and I have yet to encounter another organisation that provides the level of enthusiasm, support, integration and urgency that Morgan IAT are able to provide.”

G Hassard, CEO, Medtek solutions Ltd


“We are working with Morgan IAT to develop Pulseboot- a medical device to help prevent diabetics having limb amputation. I don’t think we could have proceeded as far as we have without Morgan IAT’S wholehearted support and understanding through the stop – start processes a new business has to go through. Trying to bring a class IIa medical device to market is always going to encounter snags, and you want to work with an R&D team who are flexible in approach, as no initial plan ever survives contact with reality!

Their team worked to find a way to get our development costs down to a budget we could afford. We found this flexibility unique in the companies we investigated. Most have a “Chinese Menu” of costs, and a take it or leave it attitude. The Morgan team wanted our business and met us more than half way to see that we could make the limited funds stretch. I really believe that they believe in our product and they are motivated to see it successfully onto the market. I am very grateful to Sue, Howard, and the whole team at Morgan IAT and the time they have invested into Pulseboot.”

Les Lindsey, Chief Executive, Pulseboot