mOm Incubator

Morgan is currently designing, developing and manufacturing the mOm incubator, a cost-effective, collapsible and portable incubator, after securing a contract with mOm. The incubator was invented by James Roberts, global winner of the 2014 James Dyson award for innovation and co-founder of mOm, and the partnership between Morgan and mOm is building upon the design and development already completed by mOm.

The World Health Organisation estimates 1 million infant deaths occur every year due to premature birth, the mOm incubator aims to significantly reduce this number by providing a warm, clean and safe environment for infants, which is quick and simple to set up.

The mOm incubator differs from a conventional incubator in a number of ways:

It is robust, making it suitable for use in harsh environments, in both domestic and overseas remote regions, as well as in disaster zones and refugee camps;

It is compact and lightweight, collapsing to a fraction of the size of a conventional incubator, making it portable and compact enough to store, so it can be easily deployed anywhere in the world;

It is cost-effective, costing around 5% of a conventional incubator;

It has a minimal infection risk, comprising of removable ends, which facilitate cleaning, and a disposable inflatable body, to allow replacement of the central compartment and to lower contamination costs;

It is energy efficient, running off mains power with the ability to utilise a rechargeable battery in case of power outages. The system is able to run on a range of voltages, allowing it to be used in a variety of locations and from a range of sources.


mOm baby incubator