Morgan is currently manufacturing the Patrol, a vehicle-mounted 360-degree panoramic camera, after winning a new manufacturing contract to support panoramic imaging company Observant Innovations Ltd.

Designed for police, emergency services, military and safety and security professionals, the Patrol provides a complete 360-degree image from a single camera in one position and operates by providing comprehensive views of the full scene, either as a full panorama or multiple virtual pan-tilt-zoom cameras, or a virtual reality feed, allowing the user to view images from any direction.

Patrol looks to overcome the challenges of missing vital evidence due to issues such as cameras pointing in the wrong direction, poor quality imagery, or available video failing to reflect the true and complete nature of a situation. It enables a persistent, high-resolution visual documentation of an entire scene, allowing for a recreation of the contextual environment.

The panoramic images captured are able to be transformed for viewing in real-time using applications from The Patrol Suite of Software and are archived in a hierarchical filing system. The system may be configured to meet unique operational requirements, for example, to store all recordings in a single archive, create a new archive for each new day of an operation, or even to create a new archive each time a recording application is run.