RF Nerve Ablation

Morgan’s flagship radio frequency (RF) lesion generators for pain relief were initially conceived by the Company during 1987, working with a General Practitioner who had an interest in back pain.

In conjunction with an NHS innovations Scheme, the Company launched its first lesion generator, the ‘JK’, and sold it into the National Health Service in 1989.

In the 1990’s after forming an alliance with a marketing company, several more advanced ‘JK’ machines were developed for the fledgling pain market.

Since the early 1990’s the treatment of pain has become a very important part of any health system with the majority of hospitals and clinics throughout the world now having their own pain departments.

The successors to the ‘JK’ range, the ‘NT’s, emerged in 2005 after a strategic alliance was formed with Neurotherm Inc. in the US. Morgan continues in its design, development and manufacturing role, with the NT2000 as its most advanced model in the field, with capabilities for touchscreen, and carrying out 4 nerve ablations simultaneously.


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