Morgan is in the process of running a multi-centre clinical trial on a patented concept to test for pre-eclampsia. This involves analysis of salivary uric acid, which is cheap, simple, and non-invasive. The recruitment target for this multi-centre trial is around 800-1000 volunteers.

A small pilot study of about 130 volunteers showed higher accuracy and significantly earlier detection times, compared to current methods of indication.

This is an observational study, salivary uric acid results obtained at this stage will have no effect on care during pregnancy. After delivery, each volunteer’s results for salivary uric acid is paired with information from their hospital notes. This information is supplied by midwives, and is anonymised via a unique volunteer ID number. As all results are anonymous, Morgan will be unable to identify any volunteer.

If you are already a volunteer and have any questions regarding the trial, please use the contact details in your leaflet. As an observational study, we are unable to directly respond to any volunteer, as this may invalidate results.

Although all results are anonymous and volunteers will not know their personal results, the outcome of this trial will be published here on our website. This will be after completion and statistical analysis, and will depend on recruitment for our target number of volunteers. We forecast publishing a review on our website and elsewhere by late 2014. A questionnaire is also planned for both volunteers and midwives to provide anonymous feedback about the trial.

In parallel with running the trial, Morgan is working on developing and refining the equipment and testing process, for potential adoption by the NHS.

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