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  • Grace bracelet
  • Grace bracelet


Grace is a bracelet that has been designed to support women experiencing hot flushes, a common menopausal symptom. The device counteracts the symptoms of a hot flush, which include sweating, a rise in heart rate, shortness of breath and a reddening of the skin. It does this by tracking temperature, pre-empting when a flush is about to happen, and reducing body heat via a localised cooling mechanism at the wrist.


The bracelet incorporates a number of sensors that can detect the onset of a hot flush up to one minute before the individual is aware that they are going to experience one. As soon as this happens, a thermoelectric chip delivers an intense cooling sensation to the wrist, sending a signal to the brain that makes the body react in the opposite way to a hot flush.

The device is automated and can be worn throughout the day and night. Peter Astbury, Founder, explains: “With the sensors detecting the flush and then triggering the cooling automatically, it means we can start to help people not just during the day, but also those encountering night sweats as part of their menopausal symptoms.”

Current solutions for this issue include prescribed drugs or herbal remedies that often have unpleasant side effects, or a manually operated device that can only be used once the hot flush has started. Grace is the first to offer an automated option that predicts the incident before it occurs. The automated cooling is particularly useful for alleviating night flushes, as it allows users to sleep soundly instead of waking multiple times in the night.


Astbury envisions the wristband complementing existing treatments for the symptoms of menopause, where it could be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to current treatment options. While Grace’s present focus lies on the menopause, there may also be opportunities to apply the technology to conditions that cause similar symptoms, such as certain types of cancer.

Morgan are delighted to be working with Peter’s company, Astinno, on Grace providing research and development support with a view to manufacturing and routes to market further down the line.