If I bring an idea to you am I risking losing it?

Morgan IAT takes confidentiality very seriously and we can assure you there is absolutely no risk of losing your idea. We protect everyone involved and their ideas by signing non-disclosure agreements. We also progress quickly to creating ‘Heads of Agreement’ which cover how we will work together.

Will you keep what I tell you confidential?

Absolutely, we have non-disclosure agreements for exactly this purpose. This covers both of us in terms of confidentiality. (Download our NDA)

What experience does the company have in developing products?

Since 1987, the Company has designed, developed and manufactured new products in both medical and commercial industries. Morgan IAT has successfully developed many products, from our flagship Neurotherm machines to devices dealing with sleep apnoea, diabetic foot ulcers and stroke rehabilitation.

Does the Company have any experience of trading overseas, and in which countries?

Morgan IAT has had many years experience trading overseas, with countries such as the U.S.A., Europe, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Africa and Malaysia

What quality expertise does the Company have?

Quality is one of the keystones of the Company. Certified to ISO 9001-2008. EN ISO 13485-2012. Morgan IAT is also an accredited manufacturing site for the U.S. Foods and Drug Administration (FDA). We have considerable experience in producing Technical Files for CE Marking and obtaining US Product Approvals, including making 510K applications.

How can I acquire a UK patent for my idea?

If your idea is worth patenting we can be of help. We have extensive experience in registering UK patents and protecting intellectual property and have worked with our patent attorney, Schlich Ltd (www.schlich.co.uk) for a number of years; so together we can take you through the steps and the costs necessary to protect your idea.

I have an idea but I cannot afford to develop it, can you help?

We may certainly be able to help after meeting to discuss your ideas, as we analyse them carefully for feasibility, both technically and commercially. We do not provide money to individuals, organisations or businesses, but every year Morgan IAT reinvests up to 20% of its turnover back into its R&D department to assist individuals, organisations and businesses in developing their ideas. We are prepared to fund the development of your product through free access to our R&D expertise for a portion of the future potential of the product. In addition to this, we have experience of applying for and securing grant funding development of the idea.

If I choose Morgan IAT to develop my idea, what do I get in return?

Practically Morgan IAT will provide you with a professional, innovative service from project initiation all the way through to the product being sold/implemented. We offer a 5-stage plan which covers important factors such as market research, design specification, costs and client involvement, followed by product development and manufacture.

The starting point is to discuss how you would like the project to be funded. We do not provide money to individuals, organisations or businesses, but if Morgan IAT fund the project and complete the work through our R&D department, then we ask for a fair proportion of the IP and manufacturing rights. If you fund the project then we charge a fair commercial rate for the work we do.

We are at all times infinitely flexible; our priority is to get new ideas to market with both parties securing a fair return.