It’s a fair few years since I had homework to do – let alone sharing the burden with my father Howard! But both he and I were hard at work during the summer, acting as judges for the IET’s prestigious Innovation Awards.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology annual awards celebrate the very best in new innovations in science, engineering and technology.

Nigel Clarke MIAT prize

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They showcase entries from around the world, giving a fascinating glimpse of the ideas of tomorrow. Entrants get a platform that can help them find invention funding and expertise.

It was a huge honour, therefore, for us to be invited to judge the submissions. We each began with a hefty pile to assess. Howard, founder of Morgan IAT and a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering & Technology, took on 40 entries to read through, while I tackled 28.

So, it was hard work … but always immensely inspiring to plunge into a raft of brilliant new ideas from four continents, from all areas of engineering including electronics, telecommunications, transport, manufacturing, power and information technology.

I was judging the emerging technology design category and Howard healthcare technologies. We can’t reveal the entries that we picked as the best, but we look forward to seeing the winners announced at the IET awards gala on 15 November 2017.

Inspire the next generation

We can, however, expect the 2017 laureates to match up to the phenomenal standards set by last year’s winners. For example, first in the healthcare technologies category in 2016 was a device to deliver drugs by ultrasound to patients with retinal disease, sparing them the misery of repetitive eyeball injections – an invention that can benefit 300+ million patients worldwide.

Highly regarded in the industry, the awards allow winners to raise their profile and align themselves with engineering excellence. One of the IET’s goals is to inspire the next generation of engineers and technicians, and it has been a pleasure and privilege to be part of this process.

Of course, Morgan IAT’s tagline is “We Make Ideas Work” and our very ethos is turning ideas of genius into practical products: often helping with funding for inventors and new product funding.

New product funding

That’s why we’re sponsoring our own innovation award this year – the Morgan Innovation & Technology Prize 2017 (MIAT Prize) with £40,000 of R&D services for the winners. You can read our all about it here, and if you’re thinking, “I have an idea for a product”, do get in touch.

Our passion for innovation is at the heart of why we do what we do.

We are proud of our unique approach to funding that helps more people bring their ideas to market. Every year the company puts 20% of its turnover towards helping individuals, companies and organisations bring their ideas or products to market.

We carry out the work free of charge in exchange for a share of its potential. It reflects our passion for innovation and our desire to be an enabler in bringing ideas to market.

If you’d like to chat about how we could help you get funding for an idea, or how to get an idea made into a prototype, why not call us today?


Nigel Clarke