Original Equipment Manufacturer oem

Can an Original Equipment Manufacturer really add value to your new product?

There is often ambiguity over what an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is, and for good reason, as in different industries it has different connotations.

As an original equipment manufacturer ourselves, we believe this term refers to where the product is actually made before it goes out to our customers to have their logo added and from there into the marketplace. The original equipment manufacturer is the one who physically puts the nuts and bolts together, creates the circuit boards, brings together the moulded parts or the folded metal and tests the device to ensure it is safe to go into the market. We, of course, use other OEM suppliers and outsource components, but we consider ourselves to be the place where it all comes together, and the final machine is made.

The Morgan Difference

Where Morgan differs from most OEM businesses is that we have over 30 years of experience making cool electronics stuff from the first nut to the final computer screen, and we also have a full research and development department who are instrumental in creating your device and ensuring that it is designed and made for manufacturing (so important in making sure our manufacturing engineers don’t get upset with our R&D engineers!)

Original equipment manufacturer companies like Morgan add value with a wealth of experience, contacts and know-how throughout the team. What the customer sees is the final, perfect device with which they can stock their customers’ shelves. However, behind this device lies a team of people without whom the device will never see the light of day.

This team is responsible for everything from sourcing from approved suppliers to ensuring there are back up suppliers for every screw and resistor required for the perfectly curved case or housing. On arrival, each of these items is meticulously checked for quality in compliance with a heavily regulated quality system enforced by the ‘evil’ quality manager and their team (rather like the head chef in a busy kitchen).

They are stored, polished and lovingly looked after before being brought together on the assembly line. This process is the same for a one-off prototype or thousands of identical widgets, but all are beautifully crafted and assembled by an OEM company.

Of course, every device is then subjected to rigorous testing, further quality checks, and more testing before being beautifully packaged and sent out by the fulfilment team.

So, what does a good original equipment manufacturer do to add value to a product? They bring not only belief in your product but the expertise to ensure care and quality is at the forefront of the entire manufacturing process; they position you for success!