Investing in the people of the future

At Morgan IAT we’ve made our name designing, developing and manufacturing innovative products that change lives for the better – and investing 20% of turnover in helping inventors bring their ideas to market.

This success is founded on investment in people and passionately promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). It gives us a pipeline of talent along with a loyal and committed workforce.

This is a frequent topic of interest in our talks with industry partners looking for invention funding, angel investors and universities. It underpins both our credibility and confidence in our future. And it goes right to our core.

Encouraging young people into STEM Blog: STEM

Five years ago nearly all MIAT staff were over 40, but recruiting apprentices and graduates has brought an influx of young blood. We encourage young people into the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and help staff to develop business and innovation skills. We welcome fresh minds to challenge and improve existing management with their ideas and questions.

As such, the company employs two apprentices, and we’re very proud of Morgan’s apprenticeship programme, which in 2015 won a Made in the South East Award for the best manufacturing apprenticeship. Morgan IAT was the first business to financially support the East Hampshire District Council apprenticeship programme, which has given opportunities to 50+ young people over the last five years.

Graduate scheme in invention development Blog: STEM

We also run an established Graduate Scheme, bringing young, bright graduates of varying disciplines, ranging from bio-science to concept-design, into the organisation. Eleven graduates have been through the graduate trainee programme, with five now engaged as permanent employees and two still in the scheme. All the graduates and apprentices were either unemployed or in low-paid work unsuited to their qualifications before joining MIAT, where they have flourished: one graduate was promoted within two years to be the company’s Purchasing Manager, while a second became New Project Integration for some of the company’s most important projects; a third became Quality Coordinator within a year.

Training is available for all staff and specific to each individual, taking into account the area of the business in which they work and their own drive to learn. MIAT offers both on-the-job training and outside training for qualifications. Believing in individual growth and development, we have also fully or part-funded university study for some staff.

A model that attracts investors

Working with local schools is another way we are increasing awareness among young people of the opportunities that exist in engineering and in small businesses. MIAT has been taking students on work experience and attended careers evenings since 1991. In 2017 we had over 16 work experience students. In 2019 Morgan’s R&D team will be mentoring six pupils from Ditcham Park School over a 10-week STEM project as part of the Go4SET scheme run by the Engineering Development Trust.

The investors and partners who work with us on product development funding and invention development see the long-term value of our approach. It’s a great model for others to follow, too.