Morgan IAT has always been different – it’s natural when your business is innovation and you spend your life breaking new ground.

Nigel Clarke CEO Morgan IAT, Petersfield, Hants

So when we came to drawing up a new Vision and a new set of company Values, we were never going to be hidebound by tedious corporate-speak.

Instead, our Vision and Values express the excitement we feel to be working at Morgan IAT as the company celebrates its 30th anniversary – and the family ethos that is at the root of all our success.

Our Values are Family, Growth and Fun. They even include cake!

The fact that we’re a family-run business, founded by my parents Howard and Sue in 1987, with me joining in 2015 and now serving as CEO, is fundamental. Remarkably, among our 37 staff we count five families ¬– either husband and wife or parent and child.

You’ll see how this supportive and inclusive thread runs throughout our new Values:

1. Family
Supportive and compassionate.
Loyalty to each other.
Flat management structure provides environment that allows management to be approachable.
Happy, fair and relaxed working environment.
Customer commitment.
Lots of cake!

2. Growth
Internal learning.
Nurturing of people.
Growth of business through diversification of products.
New management structure.

3. Fun
Enjoy coming to work.
Work environment is both relaxed and fun/enjoyment.
Feeling of involvement and inclusiveness.

What’s fantastic is that these Values have a real benefit for our customers. You’ll see we highlight “customer commitment”, as well as growth through diversification to share our expertise with more customers, and a fantastic working environment that engages our staff and inspires them to provide superb customer service.

Our Vision is: “Positive Impact on Individuals and Society.”

This goes through all our work, from medical design engineering to product development funding.

From our Pulseflow boot to reduce the shocking toll of leg amputations because of diabetes (something that happens every 20 seconds somewhere in the world) to our Salurate saliva-testing kit to prevent pre-eclampsia in pregnancy, something that claims the lives of up to 1,000 babies in the UK every year.

Funding inventions

It’s why we launched the MIAT Prize, which we’ll be awarding to the entry with real commercial potential to change people’s lives for the better. We’ll be announcing the winners in January – and helping them get their own life-enhancing products to market.

If you’d like to chat about how we could help you get funding for an idea, or how to get an idea made into a prototype, why not call us today?

Nigel Clarke